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Weekend and holiday trips available are approximately four and 5.5 hours. Launching from Berry Bridge and ending at either Brewer Bridge or Penbrook. 

Weekday trips are available from either Ft Niobrara/Cornell Bridge or Berry Bridge. Trips from Ft Niobrara are approximately four or six hours in length. The rules and regulations are different on this section of the river due to the area being Wilderness and a US National Wildlife Refuge. A user fee is required and a no alcohol, possession or consumption, policy is in place and strictly enforced. A maximum number of tubes allowed to be tethered together is five. 

Tube - Single Person

Tube - Single Person

Ft. Niobrara Launch - weekday only, with the exception of holidays.

 4 Hour Trip   - Take Out, Berry Bridge

 6 Hour Trip   - Take Out, Smith Falls/Nichols Landing 


Berry Bridge Launch - 7 days a week including holidays.

 4 Hour Trip    - Take Out, Brewer Bridge

 5.5 Hour Trip - Take Out, Penbrook

- View Tube - Single Person

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