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Canoe - Two Person

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Canoe - Two Person
Trip Length: 1 Day

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Price: $18 - $40

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Canoe - Two Person

Ft Niobrara Launch;

  • No Alcohol; possession or consumption allowed
  • No radio or boom box
  • No Water projectiles; guns, balloons or cannons
  • No firearms
  • No Glass
  • No Styrofoam

USFWS user fee for access through the Ft Niobrara National Wildlife Refuge. We are required to have a permit to operate on this section of the Niobrara and to co-insure the USFWS. You are required to abide by the specific rules through this portion of the Niobrara and are encouraged to stay on or in your vessel with minimal noise. If you choose this Launch site then the fee per person will automatically be added to your reservation.

Berry Bridge Launch;

  • No water balloons (littering)
  • No Glass
  • No Styrofoam

Check In:

  • Is required at the main office in Valentine. Either the day/night before or the morning of your trip unless other arrangements have already been made.

Morning Bus Shuttle:

  • Allow yourself enough travel time from Valentine to your Bus Shuttle pickup. It will take anywhere from thirty to forty-five minutes to arrive at the Bus stop. Arrive early so you can get your cooler and other items unloaded and ready to board the bus.