Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions

*Where can I find prices?
Prices can be found by selecting "River Trips" from the top menu bar on each page. Each trip includes the morning bus shuttle which is where you would meet up in the morning and park your vehicle to catch the ride to the launch site. Some trips offer different shuttle options and you can find those when you select your vessel and then the length. The shuttle options will be in a drop-down menu once you have selected how long you want to float.

*When is the best time to float the Niobrara?
Canoe/Kayak - Peak conditions early Spring/Summer. Peak Season.

Tube - Pre -Season, 70 degrees and above until Memorial Day weekend. Peak season, Memorial Day through Labor Day weekend.

*How deep is the water?
The average depth of normal conditions is approximately 1.5 feet. There are areas that can be over your head. These areas are usually identified by cliff walls and the surface of the water. The smoother the surface the deeper the water. The choppier the water, the shallower and generally rocky.

Do you have to know how to paddle?
Basic strokes are necessary to paddle a canoe or kayak but the Niobrara River is a perfect place to learn. If you have no previous knowledge of paddling then it does not take long to introduce you to the basic strokes and get you on the water.

*Can three people ride in a canoe?
Three adults are not allowed in the two-person canoe due to the weight capacity and depth of the Niobrara. However, children under eight years of age can ride in the middle of the canoe with two adults.

*Do kayaks have a skirting?
No, our kayaks are recreational without skirting.

*How old does a child have to be to kayak solo?
Generally nine-year-olds and above, are physically capable.

*How often do trips run?
Varies depending on the day. Please refer to the Calendar for more detailed information.

*Is there an age restriction?
We do not have an age restriction however if the child or infant is under thirty pounds then you are required to supply your own life jacket to ensure proper fit.

*Is alcohol allowed?
Yes & No - Ft Niobrara to Berry Bridge(not allowed)                                                                                                       - Berry Bridge to Penbrook(allowed) 


*Should I bring a towel?
Some people prefer to bring towels on tubes. They will not stay dry unless they are in a dry bag or dry cooler. Keep in mind if you do use them on your tube they will most likely be full of sand at the end of your trip.

*Are there restrooms along the way?
There are facilities at most major access areas. These can be found on public and private grounds so keep in mind that you may be accessing private property.

*Do you supply the cooler?
You are required to bring your own cooler for your trip, however, we do have a few coolers available to lend in the case this is a spur of the moment decision or you have flown in. Tubers should bring a hard-sided, chest size (48-50 quart) cooler.
Kayakers should bring nothing larger than a 12 pack cooler and preferably soft-sided. Canoers can bring either of the above mentioned.

*How long are the trips?
Trips can be as short as two hours or as long as six hours. The length is determined by the equipment you decide to use and your takeout. Tubes will take twice as long as a canoe or kayak to float the same stretch of river. Available trips can be found on the Calendar.

*What if the weather is bad?
Depending on conditions the launch time may be delayed. Please read the terms and conditions but keep in mind we strive to help in any way we can to get you on the river. We would determine the morning of your scheduled outing whether there is any delay or cancellations.