Fall Trips

Fall Trips
Trip Length: 1 Day

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Price: $30 - $55

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Tube options: Berry to Brewer - 4 hour; Berry to Penbrook - 5 hour

Kayak options; Berry to Brewer - 2 hour; Berry to Penbrook - 3 hour; Ft Niobrara to Brewer - 4 hour; Ft Niobrara to Penbrook - 5 hour

Keep in mind that these times vary due to river flows, wind and stops you make along the way.



Check-in at our 433 E Hwy. 20 office (Brewers Bowling Center) - 9:00 am central.

Arrive a few minutes before the shuttle departure time. We don't wait more than five minutes. If you don't make the ride you forfeit your trip. Shuttle times are the times that the van/bus leaves your take out destination prior to getting on the water. The shuttle then takes you upstream to your launch site where you will begin.