Reservation - Configure Trip

Shuttle information can be found under "river trips" if you don't understand the shuttle options.

Select the Shuttle Option/Time from the drop-down which is the time the bus/van will leave the take-out or ending and shuttle you to the top or beginning.. The round trip, also known as "Out 'n Back", requires no less than six people. If you do not meet the minimum call our office to see if there are others that are scheduled to go out.
Choose any other options (cooler tubes, etc.).


Standard Reservation

Individual booking or group, paid by one individual.

Group Reservation

Group booking, paid by multiple individuals. One individual sets this up, recieves an email with a "booking number" and shares it with the group. Each person/persons uses that number to reserve their share with payment.

Shuttle option remains - no need to change, just enter the number of people.