Tube 4 Hour | Berry to Brewer

Tube 4 Hour | Berry to Brewer
Trip Length: 1 Day

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Price: $25 - $50

This is one of our more popular trips on the Niobrara River and includes Smith Falls.

Take a leisure float down the most scenic area found in Nebraska. Not too short but not too long either.

Approximately halfway you will come to a jumping off point which will be where the tallest waterfall in Nebraska is located. It's a short hike up to the waterfall and makes a great cooling off point if you're brave enough to crawl under the spring-fed cascade.

Before reaching Smith Falls there will be a massive cliff wall on a curve in the river which is our favorite swimming hole. It's usually ankle deep on the left side and gradually gets deeper as you walk towards the cliff. Don't dive off of the cliff edge into the water because there could be outcroppings under the surface of the water. 

Check in is usually done the day before your trip. This allows for any additional questions to be asked or answered before your trip. If you are unable to check in the day before then be sure to arrive at the office no less than an hour before your shuttle time when you are staying in Valentine. If you are camping at Berry or Penbrook and you will be arriving after hours please make prior arrangements for your check-in. We can help you avoid unnecessary driving by making those arrangements.

If you are day tripping and coming from the east you can make prior arrangements to meet the shuttle without driving all the way into town. Waivers need to be signed online or printed, signed and given to the shuttle driver before your departure.